Partnerships and activities

Partnerships between state and independent schools have been running for many years with the key to their success being the drive and enthusiasm of head teachers. It was Heather McKissack’s ambition to embed the policy and make sure that it never depended solely on committed individuals. The charity named after her will try to fulfil her ambition and build on the model set up in the Wimbledon Partnership. These are some of the ways in which that partnership has expanded horizons for pupils and staff in both sectors.    
  1. Design and running of the partnerships aspirations and outreach programme (see link)
  2. Development of KCS 6th formers to be equipped to act as mentors to those going through the aspirations and outreach programmes. 
  3. Provided qualified teachers in specialist subjects not taught in state schools such as classics and modern languages
  4. Run joint GCSE and A-level revision classes

  5. Shared expertise to help state school students get into top universities and medical schools
  6. Offered shared subject workshops and masterclasses with opportunities for pupils to teach and assist
  7. Organised joint extracurricular activities such as drama, music and sport sharing resources and facilities
  8. Shared management courses for staff and classroom practice for teachers in the process of qualifying